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As an arts researcher and visual artist, I felt compelled to debunk some of the stereotypes and standing myths that were raised by the public about what it means to be an artist.The article We need artists to solve the challenges of this century, published in the Globe and Mail on June 12, 2012 and written by OCAD President Sara Diamond, generated a variety of mixed comments, the majority of which reflected stereotyped perceptions of the artist. Some of which I address here.

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Instagram all the way!

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Polaroid or Instagram?

What is it about vintage effects on photographs that people love? Is it the timelessness, the creation of art, the need to share photos with communities, or is it simply a trend that has returned to modern day society? Two weeks ago my mother brought home a classic Polaroid Supercolor 635 CL camera that had been sitting in a storage cabinet for over 30 years. After searching for film around camera stores in Auckland, it was shocking to discover the scarcity and cost of the 600 film the camera requires. 14 packs including 10 sheets of photo paper per pack costs around $550 American dollars to purchase on Ebay. It’s no wonder people are opting for the Iphone photo application software Instagram recently obtained by Facebook for $1bn that offers users 15 free retro photo filters to apply to their photographs.

The difference between both cameras is…

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Your photos are absolutely fantastic! Your pictures and your tips on taking photos of fireworks must be shared!


I’ve discovered something about myself in recent years. I’m a wuss. I don’t think of myself that way, but every fourth of July I have to admit I’m a coward when the fireworks come out. I cringe and duck, I worry the whole time about burns, I watch every spark to see where it lands and if it’s going to start a fire, I struggle the whole time to not plug my ears and I am secretly glad when they are over.  I do not enjoy fireworks. But, I really really really enjoy taking pictures of them.  They combine all my favorite things in one picture: the joy and excitement of my children experiencing something memorable, family interactions as loved ones gather together, and interesting light that lets me get creative and experiment with settings.

When taking pictures of fireworks, you need to remember a few things:

1. Your light…

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Who’s done this?

The Pinstriped Suit

A friend of mine hates the word “networking”. And with good cause. Networking has gotten a bad rap over the years as it has changed from making genuine connections with people to collecting business cards. How many times have you been to an event where you’ve meant to follow up with the contacts you met but instead left the business cards in a big pile on your desk? Or worse, you added them on Linkedin and never spoke to them again. (I admit, I’ve definitely done this before)

There are tons of books and speakers out there that will tell you different tips and tactics on how to network effectively. Most of these ideas are based on increasing the size of your network as opposed to the robustness.

I think the idea of networking is really quite simple and can be summed up in these steps:

1) Put yourself out…

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Spain is amazing! Nice Photos!

Nic Freeman

View of San Sebastian from Monte Igeldo, SpainThere is something inherently serene about cycling by the sea. Perhaps its the feeling of salty air filling your lungs as your glide like a gull along the waters-edge. Perhaps its the big blue space that reminds you that the world is vast and wild. Or maybe, its just the simple pleasure of being away from routine, out of constructed confines, instead among the fresh air and earthly wonders.

San Sebastian is a seaside city made for cycling. Dedicated bike paths have been carefully woven across the city, along the wide boulevards, past many pleasing city sights and along flat, scenic roads. After finishing my Camino in Santiago de Compostela, I spent a glorious day cycling in San Sebastian, which I can highly recommend to anyone who plans to visit San Sebastian.

Here is a little suggested cycling itinerary that brought me a lot of joy.

Map of San Sebastian (from Tourist Information) with notes

Starting in central…

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Spotlight on Street Photography Blogs

Some great photos!

The Blog

Public places, candid snapshots, fleeting moments captured. That’s what street photography is all about, and the following eight blogs do it beautifully:

Jimmy on the Run

365 From the Archive

Über die Webbographie

Sami Alramyan

Without an H

Perpetuum Mobile

A Walk with My Camera

Bones, Mugs & Harmony

Feeling inspired? Create your own photoblog with one of our gorgeous photography themes, and check out these handy tips if you’re new to photoblogging. Or, start incorporating more photographs on your current blog by getting in on the weekly photo challenge over at The Daily Post.

Want more? Follow street photography in your reader to browse all the latest posts published on the topic across all of

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Learning and Innovation


Stage 1

Sign up to twitter following persuasion/pestering by colleagues. Follow Stephen Fry, a famous sportsman/popstar and a news channel. Read a few tweets, don’t understand what the fuss is about and mock anyone who uses twitter.

Stage 2

Overhear colleagues chatting about twitter and a great article they found. Promise to give it a go again and follow two or three recommendations. Find articles interesting and wonder how to get more. Nervously ask colleagues for help/who to follow and start to visit timeline a couple of times a week.

Stage 3

Think about posting first tweet. In an act of tremendous bravery write: ‘My first tweet, wondering what this twitter thing is all about?’ Sit waiting for a response – feel unloved.

Stage 4

Upon realising you have no followers ask colleagues how to get them? Watch ‘how to’ video on youtube and receive follows from a few…

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Quite a life 😉


I’ll make this quick – today, I planned for a totally productive night of getting shit done. I was gonna review my budget, research some investments, blog a little bit, and organize my articles. Yeah, I can tell that you’re totally jealous of my ridiculously awesome life of sex, drugs and alcohol.

But it all started going downhill from work – First, I was given a big task to do in the morning. Instead of focusing on that, I spent my day answering emails, attending discussions, customizing templates, and intermittently going back to that task. And then my colleagues mucked around at the snack corner so of course I had to join them for that. And so I had to work late, and I decided to reward myself with a Swensen’s dinner (come here you, chicken baked rice and US fries and dips, you!), and then I decided…

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Funny! And highly probable!

Marisol D'Andrea, PhD, Author & Visual Artist

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